The End and The Beginning

We only have a few more days left in South America, in Ecuador, and it makes me a bit nervous and excited to make this change, even though it is to our own country. With change comes challenge and hopefully growth.

We took a last stroll through Centro Historico, walked the steps up El Panecillo and took in the beautiful view overlooking Quito. It was a beautiful way to say goodbye, and it was truly a full circle from our arrival when we stayed at the Airbnb which had an incredible view of El Panecillo.


View of Quito from El Panecillo

We had a lovely day, and stopped by our favorite juice place, and had our last fresh squeezed juice.

FullSizeRender 204

walking through Plaza Grande in Centro Historico

Tomorrow we were invited by our friends to see the Volcano Pululahua with them and to say goodbye. It has been an incredible journey and we are so grateful for all those that welcomed and challenged us!

Just yesterday our landlord had me up to her apartment to help prepare Fanesca, a typical dish for Easter. It was delicious and we are so grateful for her continuous love and care, (we were very lucky to have her).

Monday we will say our goodbyes to Para Sus Ninos.

Tuesday, we will fly back to the U.S.

This part of our journey is ending, but another one is also beginning, so stay tuned!

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