In Our Last Days Here

We have been struck down once more by illness, it is getting a bit wearisome. We went to the orphanage last week and Naomi (patient 0 in our house) was snuggling with her favorite child who was ill, and I am pretty sure picked up what she had. At least it was contracted in love! First it struck Naomi, then Lola, and now Henry. It doesn’t seem to last beyond a few days, I am just hoping Grant doesn’t get it. We were able to get out a bit more this past week because Grant has improved so much. We have just one week left here in Ecuador, it is very strange to think of. I was hoping we could get out and explore a bit before we jet, but that may not be in our cards. We have to disassemble this apartment, pack up, and clean.

Today is another special day, it is what would have been Cecelia’s 11th birthday. Zoey and I went and picked up a chocolate cake in our neighborhood to celebrate tonight. I can’t even imagine her past the age of 2, it is one of the bitter parts of losing a child. Those memories never go beyond those first years, you don’t see them grow, all your photos are so limited. It is one of the things that I struggled with when she died, that I would never know her past that age. It is ultimately something you have to┬álearn to accept and live with. We miss her so much at this time of the year, and I wish that we could visit her grave today. We will always remember and celebrate our beautiful little girl.

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