To Market, To Market

We visit the fruit/veggie market in our neighborhood at least once a week, and buy bags of fresh produce. Usually it doesn’t cost more than $15, which is crazy and I don’t take it for granted at all. We definitely eat pretty healthy with so much cheap and healthy foods available, snacks consist of fruit usually. What is nice is that it is so close, we just walk there either before or after visiting the park so the kids can play a bit. Most people here use public transportation, so having the market and little shops within walking distance makes sense. Their neighborhoods aren’t a bunch of houses with yards, they are very well mixed with shops/schools/parks/bakeries, etc. It is like living in any big city, where, again, public transportation is used quite a bit. We have our pick of different fruit markets and butchers and bakeries because every street has several of each. It is funny because many of the shops are just copies of each other, so if you missed one as you walk down the road, don’t worry you are sure to find another within a few feet.

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