Small Respite

After taking some unplanned respites from writing, I am returned. The girls and I were able to see Beauty & The Beast on Saturday with our friends; they were thrilled and really enjoyed the whole experience. (Personally I was a bigger fan of the adaptation of Cinderella , even though I prefer the cartoon of Beauty and The Beast).

With only a couple of weeks left here, I would love to go on an excursion to a volcano or something like that. Grant is still recovering, so I am not sure if that will happen. There is a crater lake that I would love to see called Quilotoa. From the pictures I’ve seen, the water is beautiful! So here is to hoping!

Today the girls, Henry, and I made it to the orphanage, and it was the first beautiful and sunny day in a while. It was so nice seeing the kids, and there is a feeling of sadness knowing that soon we won’t be seeing anymore.

My pressure cooker is cooking away my broth, so I need to say goodbye, I hope you all enjoyed this day:)

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