Day Out and Nights In

The girls and I needed to get out, spend some time together, and shake the dust of our apt off our feet. We didn’t go to the most exciting place, the local mall…but no matter where we went, we just wanted a day out. We hopped on the bus to get there and made our way to a clothing store. My intention…to rid them of their junky torn up clothes and replace them with something better. After we successfully did that, we enjoyed some ice cream, coffee, pastries, and soft pretzels at a place called Corfu. It was muy delicioso.

After our getaway, our return, and usual household things, we settled down, had tea and played cards as a family. For the past few days we’ve been playing games together after dinner, and it has been really nice. We used to do that a lot back in the States, but kind of fell out of the habit since being here. The kids tend to play card games or chess together. To be honest, I am not the biggest game lover, and I usually won’t be the first to mention it, but it’s been nice. It’s funny how these simple activities can develop relationships with your kids. I can already tell it has made them happier. So if you are bored, play a game with the family or your significant other! (I once won a fancy date with Grant because he lost a card game against me, haha, so it’s good for many reasons)

One thought on “Day Out and Nights In

  1. You are so right, Hannah. I remember playing games with my dad and cards with my mom. I also have fond memories of playing cards with my kids and their grandma. Best memories of family!

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