It was too popular!

We did not get out like we had planned to yesterday, I guess the English version of Beauty & The Beast was sold out. My sister in NY said it was sold out there too, so all of our kids are sorely disappointed. Ah well. haha. We did introduce them to the Coen Brothers with Raising Arizona. I don’t know what it is, but it is exciting when you begin to share things with your kids that you feel are in some ways, culturally meaningful, like film. I want them to have a good appreciation for film, from the classics to the modern. Bonus: we get to enjoy it as well and are there to monitor and answer questions.

My landlord had me upstairs today, as she has many other times. She is the sweetest woman, and gave me a white shawl that she had hand knit. We struggle back and forth between our languages, but have forged a friendship despite it. She would very much like to visit us when we return, haha, she wanted to almost as soon as we leave. She has become very attached the the kids and views them as her grandkids, her words!

It is unfortunate that our last moments here are coupled with this persistent illness of Grant’s. I am obviously hoping it becomes better in time for some meaningful experiences before our departure, but if that isn’t the case, the small moments, like the one today with Luisa will always be treasured.

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