Need to Feed

I think we all do…need to feed. We all need our hearts, minds, bodies, etc. fed. I am in a place now, I think because we have largely been stuck at home, where I truly want to be culturally fed. Sometimes getting it from books/music etc is amazing, but sometimes you just need to be physically a part of more. I always thought I was more of an introvert, but I think that I am actually very social, I just tend to need solitude. It is amazing when you are exposed to nothing, haha, how much you realize you need more of something and not in a  way that it is a distraction, but that it actually does feed you and feed that part of you that allows you to grow more. Maybe all of this is a bit abstract, I apologize.

Point being, community, friends, family, people, are important for all of us. Being connected, having other people challenge us, to be able to love greater, etc. This is all so important and I definitely look forward to being impacted by others.

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