Breaking It All Down

Last night Grant sent me a rather short article on productivity and accomplishing your goals. I knew most of the advice it gave but the reminder itself was needed. Sometimes it isn’t just about knowing what we need to know, but actually being aware of it. I forget so much all of the time. There have been so many amazing things I’ve learned through books, ted talks, articles, conversations, etc. If we aren’t implementing those lessons, then it sits, gets dusty, and we forget that it is there.

So many things, like the illness we were experiencing, can be very distracting from a mindset that you are trying to maintain. When you come away from the distraction, it has been my experience that I forget how to get back, and those simple reminders are so valuable to gaining clarity again.

Personally I do find articles, ted talks, podcasts, etc. helpful in achieving clarity. So if you feel a little lost or confused on how to proceed, that helps me!

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