Back To Life?

The past couple days we were still battling this illness (so sorry for the absence), we returned to the ER, but nothing showed up. For the first time this morning Grant woke up with a bit of energy, which honestly, took a burden off my shoulders. I didn’t even realize this illness was such a stress on me until today. Whatever was happening seems to be relieved at last, (fingers crossed), our landlady has been so helpful as well. She has a little garden on her rooftop with the most beautiful view of the mountains and our neighborhood. She has been picking fresh herbs from it for teas and soups and even has made Grant her own electrolyte concoction. Besides those things, he has been very careful about how he eats and being consistently hydrated and it is starting to pay off I believe.

It is interesting though, I was thinking, about the local foods and illnesses. Quito’s water is pretty clean from what I’ve heard, but outside of Quito it is definitely not. The people of Ecuador and I’m sure other countries that may not have access to clean water, know how to treat a lot of their illnesses. The fact the Luisa knew how to make an electrolyte concoction off hand, and even the herbs and which vegetables to consume, the importance of soups to even stay hydrated, was indicative to her understanding of local foods and health. In the the States we don’t usually rely on local foods, or understand the impact of foods on our health, good and bad. It has been a very good lesson and a bit eyeopening to see the knowledge of this here. There is an intimate connection between the people, environment, and food. We tend to immediately treat our illnesses with over-the-counter or prescribed meds (which sometimes are necessary) but for many things we over treat rather than understand what our bodies need or don’t need.

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