School and Books.

With being sick and various other things, it has been difficult to stay on track. Today was a full day of serious work with the warning that “things are getting more serious!” Homeschooling has its advantages, like being able to move more quickly through the subjects, and the disadvantage being you can fall behind, but again the advantage is that getting back on track doesn’t take all that much. I do miss using actual books, the kindle is great for reading, but I am a book lover and enjoy sifting through pages. Back in Florida there is a homeschool book store which was great. It contained a lot of second hand books, so it was affordable!

Zoey just finished a book on her kindle which she highly recommends  “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” by Grace Lin. I have yet to read it, so I cannot give my personal opinion but Zoey’s synopsis of it was quite compelling.

If you know of any great children’s books out there (including educational) please let me know!

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