The Most Idyllic Farm

Again Ale’s family reached out to us and invited us along with them to their friend Ana’s farm. At the time Grant and Naomi had to stay behind because they were sick. The farm is 1-1.5 hrs away from where we live. The landscape driving up to the gate of the farm was already beautiful. The day was overcast, and usually you have a view of the Volcano Cotopaxi. As we drove through the gates, the property was certainly set back in time, it was at least  130 years old.





Ana and her mother and Ana’s daughter Rafa, were our hosts. Rafa is the same age as the girls and also Ale’s sister’s best friend. They are some of the sweetest people, just very loving and good natured. I had no idea what to expect, I certainly wasn’t expecting the beautiful hacienda and display of food and hospitality. We were given a tour of the house, which wrapped around a lovely courtyard which was filled with magnolia trees. It honestly felt like I was walking through a Jane Austen novel or something like it. I wish I could live on this farm!

They bbq’d some shish kabobs, made delicious locra (a potato soup) and other sides. Then we went on a walk to see all the cows. We all wore rain boots, the girls went out to the fields as we visited the baby cows and the house where the milking process took place. Henry loved having the baby cows suck on his hand haha.


Other friends of theirs arrived. We all then returned and had some dessert and coffee. The kids continued to play outdoors which was great. We then filled our glasses with wine and retired to one of the rooms, started a fire in the fire place, and sat around talking until we all got hungry again and then ate more. It was such a beautiful time and my only regret is that Grant and Naomi missed out!


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