The past couple days I haven’t been around. We had the loveliest time at a beautiful farm the other day (and I will go into that in another post), yesterday we spent our day at the ER. As I mentioned before, we’ve been a bit sick since the jungle, Grant unfortunately was worse than the rest of us. We became worried that something more severe was afflicting him. Yesterday, with the help of our friends, Sylvia (our friend Ale’s mom) and Ale and Adolfo, we got to and from the ER. Sylvia took the kids to her house to play with Sofia (her daughter that is the girls’ age) and for pizza. Ale and Adolfo picked us up when we were done. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have all their support. Grant is fine btw. Thankfully! It definitely put our minds at ease having all of his blood work come back fine. I don’t know what we picked up in the jungle, but it wasn’t fun. Hopefully you all stay healthy!

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