Remolachas, zanahorias, y pepinos

These are the ingredients for today’s cleanse: beets, carrots, and cucumbers. Grant has been under the weather since our trek to the jungle and I can’t figure out what is going on with him. So after doing some research we are restricting his diet to cleansing foods.

I drink hot water with 1 fresh squeezed lemon and some slices of ginger every morning before eating. It is suppose to be very cleansing which is why I do it, and now I’m committing my beloved other to this same habit.

I’m realizing we probably aren’t including enough green vegetables and just more fruits&vegetables in general to our overall diet.  I can definitely say, that with all the veggies/fruits I bought today to begin this cleanse, $11 is not so bad. The benefits of having so much cheap fresh produce within a hop/skip/jump of our apartment is very nice. There was a coconut cart making rounds today! The man at the cart just takes out his machete and hacks the top and sides off and drops a straw in for you. It is so fresh and so good. These are the things I will miss:(

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and not under the weather!

2 thoughts on “Remolachas, zanahorias, y pepinos

  1. Whenever you have a little tummy-ache, you can also use Kil-ol (which is a grapefruit extract that we use to disinfect produce there in Ecuador). Use a dixie cup of water with a healty squirt of Kil-ol to kill any unwanted bacteria in your stomach. Drink at least once a day.

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