Lola’s Cumpleaños


We had a really nice day celebrating Lola’s 10th birthday. She is very proud that she has entered the double digits. Haha, so we had fruit loops for breakfast, which was our first time having cereal since being in Ecuador. Our breakfasts usually consist of eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, baked goods, but never have we gone above and beyond for a box of cereal. So that was her request, and true to cereal’s nature, the box was emptied and everyone was still hungry. (One of my complaints and reasons why I don’t buy it, it’s expensive and doesn’t fulfill its only job) Anyway, Lola opened her gifts, we got her a couple pieces of jewelry from a stand in our neighborhood and a bag full of baked goods. (She is currently making marshmallow fondant.


We went to the local mall, got them a bite to eat and then went clothes shopping. The girls, are very girly in that respect, they love to shop for clothes.


Naomi modeling for me

Lola’s dinner request was Cincinnati style chili and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Always good choices.


We’ve all officially spent our birthdays in South America! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Lola!!

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