Lola is about to enter double digits! She is very excited about it and that it is happening here in South America. We were hoping to maybe go see the new Lego Batman movie (subtitled) but it doesn’t seem to be in English at all, and I think the only thing subtitled is La La Land, which I haven’t seen and don’t know a whole lot about. We shall see. The one thing we do know we will be enjoying is some homemade Cincinnati Style Chili and a decadent homemade chocolate cheesecake. So we got that going for us.

Tomorrow the girls want to go to this little Columbian bakery and get some pastries (it’s their favorite bakery) and then shop for her birthday. Lola wants baking supplies, mainly marshmallows (to make a marshmallow fondant) sprinkles, boxed cake, etc etc… all consumable things, which is fine with me haha. It is what she enjoys doing.

This is probably one of the girls’ favorite part of birthdays; the planning and the prepping. Zoey was just expressing how she enjoys preparing for her sisters’ birthdays more than her own. I remember feeling similar as a kid, it is always fun to make something special for someone else. It still is.

So here is to prepping for birthday celebrations!

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