Do We Really Want Truth?

Maybe? If it doesn’t fall in line with our beliefs, we tend to ignore it. If this world were the Matrix, we wouldn’t want to believe it because that red pill would destroy everything we knew and believed to be true and what gave us joy. Truth is not necessary for happiness, that is why it isn’t necessary to accept. The real question is, are you willing to be uncomfortable in the search for truth? Because it is a search, and it isn’t just easily handed to us. Most of the time we have to question everything we already hold as true. We have to rid ourselves of biases, of beliefs, of comfort, and sometimes community, etc. We usually believe something and are willing to hold firm to those beliefs, because it is part of a community belief, and being accepted and a part of community is important for humanity, for comfort.

When I was younger we were Protestant and at the age of 13 we left that faith for the Catholic faith. It was my first introduction to questioning held beliefs and even leaving the comfort of community in search for truth. If what we believe is true, then to fear searching for truth makes no sense. If what you believe is true, it should just be confirmed by the search. If it isn’t true, then you either accept it or reject it…and that is on us, each of us is responsible for that decision.

Why am I talking about this? The political climate in the States and here in Ecuador (yesterday was their presidential election), calls to question how we are willing to see the world, whether or not we are willing to properly research what is true. Can we challenge ourselves to be honest enough to see what is there? Are we afraid to know? And maybe that is what we have to ask ourselves,

“am I afraid to ask myself these questions?”

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