Yesterday we spent the day at our friend Ale’s grandparent’s house to celebrate Carnaval! In the States we would call it Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Here, one of the traditions consists in spraying each other with large cans of shaving cream (smells like gum or soap, depending). I was told to bring extra clothing for the kids, because not only did they all engage in foam warfare but they also hosed each other down or dumped buckets of water on each other. It was a fun day for all of us. We were able to meet some more of their friends and the kids had other kids to play with which is always a plus. We ate delicious food, some prepared by the owners of the Cheesecake Cafe downtown (Their friends) and some good beer made by other friends of theirs. It is always such an enriching experience being with Ale, Adolfo and her family.



This was the second time we visited their home and it was a beautiful day, it rained a bit, but then it cleared up with the most incredible sunset…no filters were used for the sunset photos.

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