Dayz on Dayz

So Grant and I have continued to feel a bit off since being in the jungle and I won’t go into any kinds of details, that being said, it’s been over a week! Today I went out and bought some manzanilla flowers which our landlord swears by for stomach ills. I boiled it in water for several minutes and mixed in some honey. It did alleviate my heartburn. It is very tasty which is a bonus. So if it is around the market at all, try it, it may just help!

Grant stayed behind while I took the kids to the park. They needed to get out of the apartment for a break. After we stopped by the local ice-cream shop and got some homemade ice cream pops. The texture of the ice cream from these parlours aren’t necessarily as creamy as in the States but they have such a variety of flavors which is fun. Let’s see, Henry had Mandarine/cream, Lola had avocado, Zoey had chocolate, I got a coconut one and Naomi had Ron con Pais  (eggnog, but better and richer flavor). They have a plethora of unusual but local flavors, like taxo (a very common fruit here).

Anyway making a soup now, just threw in a bunch of stuff  into the pressure cooker that I got from the market: a chicken, yuca, parsnips, carrots, fresh peas, herbs etc etc. Hopefully we get over this thing fast. Tomorrow we were invited by Ale and her family to join them at her grandparent’s home to celebrate Carnaval. I’m not even sure what it is, but I will find out tomorrow!

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