The kids get bored whenever they aren’t doing something, naturally. Then they tend to get hungry especially for sweets or snacks. Besides being forced to entertain themselves, with making up games, or playing cards, etc etc., I usually allow them (with the condition of cleaning up after themselves) do the “baking thing” as they’ve termed it. Sometimes their creations in the kitchen are really very good, other times…I discreetly discard in la basura (the trash). I remember doing the same as a kid, and I think the only thing that came out tasting good were apples cooked in cinnamon and sugar, haha.

Today has been one of those days, a bit cold and rainy. I had promised them we could go to the park but that changed, so they ended up peeling almonds with a peeler, making some gross oatmeal and chocolate porridge, and eating straight up curry sauce. Lol, sometimes, it is not a noteworthy recipe, but at least they were being creative. Not all creativity ends with something worth saving,  but at some point I am sure it will transpire into something delicious. Don’t be afraid to make bad things, just keep creating!

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