The Amazing Amazon

We got back last night from the Puerto Misahualli (in the Amazon ).  It was beautiful, as expected, and humid, also as expected. We booked our stay at the Sinchi Warmi Amazon Lodge which was absolutely enchanting and charming. The lodge is run by a Quechua family who were very accommodating and friendly.  To make things better, one of our dear friends, Caprice, flew in to stay with us for a week! This was one of the things I wanted to do while she was here, which was to take her to the jungle! When we first arrived, we were all exhausted, so we walked around the property, took in the beautiful scenery, which included the most amazing view of the moon over the jungle, and then went to bed very early.


Sinchi Warmi Amazon Lodge

The next day we woke up, had breakfast, and walked about 15 minutes into town.


We found a guide, or I should say a guide found us, and we took a boat ride on the Rio Napo, which according to one of the guides, turns into the Amazon river 1800 miles down. The water was beautiful, very tranquil and a clearer green color. I was expecting to be rained on the whole time we were there, but it was a perfect day. Our boat ride started off with a parrot flying overhead across the water, it all felt somewhat surreal. We boated to a museum where a Quechua community lived, and had one of the shamans give us a tour of their grounds. He showed us various plant life and their medicinal properties, also the trees that they would use to carve spears and such, it was really cool. As we were leaving we saw monkeys swinging around the trees chasing each other. Henry loved that part. All he wanted to see coming to the jungle were los monos. We then boated to another community where there danced and played traditional music. The boat ride was really nice and I almost wished that we actually tubed down the river, but maybe some other time!

We went back to the lodge, cleaned up, rested and then headed back out to go to the beach at Rio Misahualli. That was our favorite part of the day. We arrived at the little beach and there were monkeys everywhere, swinging in the trees, walking on the street. The kids absolutely loved it (I did too). The water was refreshing especially with the heat and humidity of the day. Grant and Lola (through Lola’s insistence) swam out to a rock in the middle of the river and jumped off, we all ended up rock jumping which is always fun! It was all very relaxing and exactly what we needed. We walked along the river and then came back where we found a monkey jumping on a man, who then stole his water bottle, and proceeded to unscrew the cap and drink it haha. It was amazing.


We then returned to the lodge and had dinner. There was a beautiful lightning storm that night. The next morning we all woke up covered in bug bites and it has been a bit torturous since lol. All in all we had a lovely time, and the Amazon was beautiful. It wasn’t as adventure packed as our trip to Banos but it was absolutely beautiful.


view from the bus on our ride home

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