Cerveza y Ron

On a lighter note today..cerveza. While living in the States you have so many different beers available to you, especially with microbreweries booming. Coming here…it can definitely be disappointing. The 2 main beers are typical pilsners, one is Club the other is ,haha, Pilsner. Any thing imported is overpriced and not even something I would invest in anyway. We are big Belgian beer drinkers, love love Belgian beer (and chocolate haha). There were a couple of breweries started here by people that wanted good beer: Paramo, Bandidos, Sinners, (and probably others, I’m just not aware). I am sure 10 years ago there were probably just Club and Pilsner. The same case was in Nicaragua when I was there in college , they had Tona and Victoria.

Back in Florida, I remember our good friend Dani introducing me to a chocolate-peanutbutter beer and it was amazing, thank you Dani!! If  I haven’t made it clear, we love a really good beer. So if I am not able to have really good beer I just would rather not drink any. (snob Hannah)

Which brings me to ron (rum). Interestingly enough, it was also something Nicaragua did very well. (Flor de Cana). Here they have a really good rum called Ron Castillo (ano viejo) so it is aged, and has this subtle vanilla taste to it. It is muy delicioso. We’ve been trying out different rums from other South American countries as well. Necessity is the mother of invention, in this case we didn’t invent it like those breweries did, but we did look other places, like rum. Haha. It makes sense here though, sugar cane is a main product. There are stands that sell sugar cane cross sections as snacks. Food culture is very interesting, and it is fun to explore. Our Spanish teacher is coming tomorrow to teach us how to make ceviche! I am very excited. Until then, I hope you look beyond the bud/miller/pbr haha and try some good beer or a good rum:)

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