I talked about the amazing soups of Ecuador. Encebollado (pronounced: ensayboyado) is by far my favorite, and I crave it everyday now, oh dear. It is advertised outside of restaurants as it’s main food. We have a place in our neighborhood that mainly sells Encebollado. (So we visit now every week I think)

What does it consist of, you may be wondering? So on the bottom of the bowl is delicious yuca (which is kind of like potatoes but better), on top of that is fish (something like fresh tuna, if not, then it is tuna) or mixto (which is fish and shrimp/camaron) lots of fresh thinly sliced red onions, and it is filled up with a clear red broth (I don’t know what it is but its incredible) and then fresh cilantro sprinkled on top. They give you side of ahi (a spicy salsa, really good) and fresh limes, so you squeeze fresh lime juice in it and ahi. Also, it is served with chifles (paper thin plantain chips) and canguil (popcorn) which you can put in if you like.


Encebollado mixto from our neighborhood, chifles on the side.

We had a bowl in the city of Tumbaco last week and it was even more incredible, I think they had yuca dumplings on the bottom. The broth was thicker and richer and we had mixto, but the shrimp was prepared ceviche style (so it is cooked by lime juice) which made it even better.

The place in our neighborhood sells fresh made jugo de maracuya (maracuya juice), so that is amazing as well (another thing I will miss).

Honestly, it is the food I will miss the most leaving Ecuador.

So I encourage you all, to look it up on the internet and try to make it, because I know that is what I’ll be doing when I return. Buen Provecho!

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