Rain, Rain, Go Away

We were told by many people many different answers as to when the rainy season begins. I have a feeling we’ve entered it. It has been pretty cold and rainy the past few weeks. I love a good rain, thunderstorms are always fun, but not this. In florida when it rained there was a big downpour that ended in about 15 minutes and then the sun was out and it was warm and wonderful. I think the beach is calling my name right now haha. 

Even though it is chillier we still make it a point to get out each day, even if it is just a short trip to a tienda (shop) to grab something. It is definitely a habit I want to continue when we get back to the States.

Update on the cheesecake from Grant’s bday: It was the best I’ve made. I think the quality of chocolate and cocoa has largely to do with the incredible outcome. So thank you Ecuador for your cocoa! Mental note: pack an entire suitcase of chocolate when we return.

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