Day 3: Baños and Volcanoes

On our final day we decided to keep it simple, we had breakfast and and then caught a bus to Casa Del Arbol. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain on an amazingly sunny and beautiful day. I actually got sunburnt for the second time since being in Ecuador. After reaching our destination which took about 30-40 mins, we walked up a trail until we arrived at the top. The view was beautiful, all around were mountains, and there in front of us was the Volcano Tungurahua. They have a giant swing hanging from a tree that you can go on, and it feels a little flying because it goes off the edge of the mountain.  On your left is Tungurahua. It was really nice, relaxing, and truly scenic day.

Baños Ecuador Trip




Baños Ecuador Trip

Afterward we went to a cute filled with the most incredible vistas (views). The day was so clear so we could see snow capped mountains and Cotopaxi, which was smoking I believe, if not, it was a very deceptive cloud. It was all magnificent and the perfect ending. We are so grateful that we were able to spend the weekend with our friends.



Volcano Cotopaxi



haha please don’t kill me for posting this Ale!

That concludes our trip! Within just a couple of weeks we are hoping to go to the Amazon, so that will be another exciting adventure to share!

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