Day 2: Baños Adventure 3

We ended the day by going to Pailon El Diablo , the biggest waterfall in Ecuador. We took about a 30-40 minute bus ride to the entrance and hiked for about a half hour until we came upon a nice little structure on the side of the mountain. This was the actual entrance to the waterfall. When we walked up to it, you could hear a huge rush of water. It was beautiful, the waterfall cascaded down to a aqua green pool. We could walk down a couple of levels to get a bit closer.

Baños Ecuador Trip

One of the coolest parts was that they had built a pathway in the side of the mountain that went behind the falls, we got soaked haha, but it was a breathtaking site and well worth it.

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After taking some pictures we hiked back up which was exhausting and felt we all deserved some ice cream or beer (depending on age) so we had that and then caught the bus back to our hostal. We hung out again that night and just took it all in. It was a really nice way to end such an adventurous day.

Baños Ecuador Trip

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