Baños and the Bridge

Ok, so I mentioned Grant and I having an adventure? Well if you notice on this photo, a bridge…a very high bridge….we jumped off of it! It still kind of gives me weird feelings up my arms even thinking about it. It is called puenting/bungee jumping, but not with the rope connected to our feet, it was connected to our midsection.


That is the bridge we jumped off of!

I will have to say this, the craziest aspect of it is that you have to decide to jump, no one pushes you, you leap off the edge of this bridge like you are diving into a pool. It was insane! An interesting note from this is that if you want to have the best experience and not be jerked around by the rope, you need to leap out far and not hold back. To me that is very good lesson to apply in life. The people that were afraid didn’t leap out, they restrained themselves, they didn’t swing far and wide and were jerked around by the rope more. This is definitely a lesson in trust, even in yourself, that you can do this. It was one of the best $20 I’ve ever spent. The kids watched from a distance. We all faced some amazing adventures that day and came away with some really great life lessons. Tomorrow I will continue with how we ended this day. Have a wonderful day/night!

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