Day 2: Baños and Cascading

After a night of hanging out and talking we retired and woke up to a now very sunny day. We went down to the front desk and arranged for Ale, Adolfo, Grant, and the girls to go cascading.  If you don’t know what that is, they repelled down waterfalls. It was wild. The pictures explain it better than I could, but being there really is not like the pictures at all.


They’re ready!

The experience, even just watching, was a thing to behold. We rode in a pickup truck up to the falls, and they were all given a brief 15 minute training on how to repel.

It made me nervous for the kids, but it was exciting all at the same time. I believe these kinds of experiences, these challenges can teach the kids more about facing fear and accomplishment better than a talk, because when it comes down to it, they are the ones that end up proving it to themselves.

One of the guides grabbed Henry and threw him on his shoulders as he walked along the path to the falls. Henry and I were able to watch for most of the activities, only when the terrain became too difficult did I take him back up to the road.




Eventually one of the guides came and got me so we could see from above all of them repel down a 50meter drop, which they literally just dropped off of on the rope. I went to this rickety little wooden structure that hung over the side of the cliff where I could see them, the girls were huddled on a ledge next to this huge drop. I couldn’t look for a second.


It was definitely a challenge for me to trust them and the guides. After they were done, they all climbed back up to this little lodge and took off their gear. The owner of the lodge gave them all some hot Herba Luisa tea with canela and his own honey (I saw his hives in the back) the tea was amazing. I could drink that everyday.


haha everyone looked very serious, but they were just enjoying the hot tea after the adventure!

Baños Ecuador Trip

proud and happy

This concludes the first of several adventures. Stay tuned tomorrow for what Grant and I did!

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