Day 1: Arrival in Baños

The bus rides anywhere around Ecuador, because of the mountain range, can be quite scary. When you look out the window you are usually met with a fantastic view of the mountains and valleys, but because of this incredible view you also look down and see a massive drop down to a place I don’t want to go.

We woke up early on Friday and joined Ale and Adolfo at Terminal Carcelen which is right by our apartment. We caught a bus from there to Quitumbe and from there to Banos. When we got into Banos it was amazing.


We were completely surrounded by mountains and the walls of the mountains were the edges of the town.



That first day we arrived around 2pm, found our hostal (Hostal Timara) which was simple, and great. The staff was really nice and everything was clean. We got 3 private rooms with private baths for $160 for 2 nights. 3 rooms for 2 nights, I don’t think that’s too shabby.

It was a very overcast day so doing most activities wouldn’t have been as enjoyable, so we walked around Banos and got to know the town a bit, got some pizza, then went to a cute cafe where we got coffee and hot chocolate.



It was a really nice change, because there were a good amount of cafes in Banos, which I miss. There were definitely more tourists here and maybe the reason why there were cafes. We bought some taffy that was being made right on the spot, and it came in a variety of delicious flavors. Ale bought a mandarin flavored one and I bought coconut.


There were many stands with cana (if I could use the appropriate accents ~ then maybe I could translate how these words sound , canya) Sugar cane. I didn’t get any, but I wish I had, it looked really good. We hung out and talked for hours at our hotel and then retired for the night. Day two was a day of activity for sure, and we were wiped by the end of it. That will be for tomorrow, hope you enjoy the pictures!

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