“Para La Sopa”

Here in Ecuador, Almuerzo (lunch) is the biggest meal of the day. Usually if you purchase an almuerzo you are first served a delicious bowl of soup, and then a large plate of food, a dessert, and a glass of fresh juice. The meal is grande. The soups though are fantastic. The broths are incredibly varied, complex, and rich. I am not even sure half the time, what kind of soup I am being served, but they are really good. For me so far that is the food highlight. The title of this post has to do with my funny interactions with anyone selling produce or even my landlady when she brought me to the market. Every thing I asked her about, as far as how to use that particular vegetable, was met with the reply “para la sopa” for soup. “Oh yes this would be good in a salad,” I would so ignorantly say,  “no! para la sopa.” Any time I go to the market and ask the ladies working how to use a particular vegetable, again, that all too familiar phrase is thrown in my direction, “para la sopa.” Needless to say, soups are big here and apparently every vegetable is solely used for soup, I’m exaggerating of course but it is a funny little joke we have now. “Grant how do I have this beer?” “para la sopa.”

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