Coffee, another wonderful product here in Ecuador. Honestly the food resources from this country, and I am sure much of South America, is amazing. The coffee is really good, although sadly, cafes are not really a thing here. They have chain cafes in the mall that probably don’t have the good product being served. There is Galletti’s down in Centro Historic which I’ve mentioned a few times, and the cappuccinos etc are so stinking good. The owner is actually from NY, so no wonder it was an important endeavor for him to make this cafe. The coffee at the cafe is all from their coffee plantations in Ecuador and I buy their coffee at the store constantly. I am not a coffee expert by any means of stretch of the imagination, I am actually not a coffee snob at all.  I really enjoy this coffee and I believe in my heart of hearts, haha, that it is because it really is just that good. I found many different products in the States at TJ Maxx,  Marshalls, and the World Market, so it’s worth trying to find the coffee but also just venturing out and trying something different. Have fun with your food!

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