Grant, the kids, and I had a very good habit in the States where we would try different brands and percentages of dark chocolate. A good vice to have, I would say. Let me tell you about Ecuadorian chocolate….it is delicioso. Cocoa comes from Central and South America, so it is not wonder that they would be producing amazing chocolate here. We buy Pacari chocolate quite often and actually one of our favorites so far is a brand called Valdvidian. The chocolate bars here include information on the region of origin. Some come from closer to the coast or in the sierra, and the difference in taste is remarkable. The Valdvidian chocolate is separated by percentages of 2! You can get a 72%, 74%, 76%, 78% dark chocolate and so on. I really liked Godiva 72% back in the states, but my goodness, the chocolate here and its varieties blows all of that out of the water. When we were in Mindo with my sisters back in August we went on one of several different chocolate tours available, and it was divine. My mouth is watering thinking about it. We had chocolate martinis and intensely rich chocolate brownies (never had better)…I don’t like thinking about it because the cravings begin. There are chocolate shops down in Centro Historico where there are a plethora of flavors, including the local fruits, like maracuya. That will be for another post, the varieties of fruit, the amazing delicious produce is just ridiculous and it is amazing how limited our stores are when you are introduced to all that Ecuador and South America has. If you can, experiment with different chocolates, different percentages, order chocolate off of amazon if you can’t find it locally. It is a worthy vice;)

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