Art Scene in Quito

    We were fortunate enough to meet some film students while volunteering at FHC several months ago. Fortunate you ask? Among the many reasons of our fortune, these students are not only open minded, interesting and very nice, they have shown us a side of Quito that we were craving, it’s artistic side. Adolfo and Ale. They are usually over at Casa Harlow where Grant is and he met them first. I went down a couple times and was able to get to know them as well. After talking with Ale for a bit she invited us to go to their student film premiers in Cumbaya.  I readily accepted the invitation and a few days later we were watching Ale’s documentary on their campus. We weren’t able to make it to Adolfo’s premier but it was a very welcomed experience. Something that struck both Grant and I was how very similar this group of people at the premier were to so many people we’ve known in our lives. Artists that act like…well artists, who seem to carry themselves the same, dress the same, act the same….its funny how these things cross culture.

Anyway they had a break some time after that (during the Day of the Dead week) and invited us and the kids along with them to the modern art museum where there were some truly incredible displays.

We then walked over to the Basilica which was a beautiful experience all its own.

We toured around there for a bit and then walked to a cafe that we really enjoy down in Centro Historico. After taking in the sights, Ale recommended a film called Alba (directed by an Ecuadorian filmmaker who also happens to be from Quito and went to their same college.) I guess according to Ale and Adolfo documentary films are a big aspect of their film culture here and fiction not so much, although, Alba was fiction and done very well. Grant and I had a date night, grabbed some ceviche and then watched the film (in Spanish, no subtitles) and even though we didn’t understand a lot of what was being said, we could understand the film. So thank you to our fast friends Ale and Adolfo and since this post was first began, they have had even more impact in our lives. And soon, hopefully we will all be going on a trip together!

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