Aguacate! Aguacate!

To give you just a bit of the atmosphere around here. It is not uncommon for us to be awoken by a man yelling in a very nasally and loud voice “aguacate, aguacate!” (avocado to us) I’ve asked various locals “why the voice?” I guess it’s their “selling voice” it separates them from others when they yell out. Many of the women I’ve noticed have very soft and gentle voices but when they are selling their goods like espumilla (meringue dessert) their voices change quite a bit. Another interesting method of waking up for us are the gas trucks, that have a very specific beeping pattern or sound, now that I think of it i’m not sure which. But you know when there is a gas truck coming down your street, which all makes sense, it’s just so early… Dogs are another one of those noises. It was nice the other night because it was raining and that was the only noise that permeated the atmosphere. The roof parallel to us has at least 5 dogs barking on it every day and night. It all adds to the difference of experience here. haha.

Goods and food venders are everywhere, they set up shop all over the sidewalks, out of the trunks of their cars, etc. And when you take the bus, that is another opportunity for sales. We are usually given a live show, where someone comes on the bus, has a stereo hanging off their neck maybe and they sing karaoke and after their performance, they go around and collect change from everyone. Children also will come on the bus selling candy, or something like that and will get off at the next stop after they’ve gone up and down the bus peddling.

We of course have our own versions of all of this, like our performers in parks, etc. It is a prolific practice here, people hang out in the middle of major roads selling homemade juice, bags of fruit, or even toilet paper.

Life is not the same here and there are a million different ways to demonstrate that, but as I am lying in bed awakened by the sellers, I thought I would give you a bit of understanding as to what it is like.

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