The Girls In My Life

I took the girls on a little adventure to the mall nearby. Zoey wanted to get some things for her birthday, so I left Grant with Henry, and the girls and I hopped on the bus and headed to Condado Shopping (not my favorite). Kids are funny, they are able to transform any experience into something a bit more interesting. They know how to shape their surroundings into something entertaining. They are always up for doing something new, fun of course, different, and actually like spending time with me for the time being.


bus ride over! Don’t worry Naomi gets more pep in her step later on.

I’ve always held my childhood close to me, not to live in it, but to always remember, and these kids do just that, they make me remember.


They got stuck!


Evertime I looked around Naomi was posing as a mannequin


She never stopped, and sometimes scared the onlookers passing by the store windows

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