Time Tiempo, is not on my side.

I thought maybe to do just 3 posts a week would be a good idea. I am realizing that to keep momentum, I need to keep acting, doing, writing, being. I lose momentum when I don’t act consistently. So what I’ve decided for now to help with time management is to batch write, and allot a certain amount of time each week to writing and complete what I want/need to in that time frame and get ahead of the game.

Ok so now beyond the boring stuff haha. We have been doing well. Zoey had her birthday of course, Naomi was sick a bit, but all in all things are going well. We met a new friend which is always great, another creative who is inspiring, and who’s mere existence is challenging me as a person.

That is something I think is so very important as humans. Being challenged to grow, and to accept that challenge, even if it wasn’t directly posed to you. When I come into contact with truly strong people, I am energized and brought to life by their energy and will. I want to grow as a person, no matter who that other person is, even if I only know them a short while. We have infinite possibilities around us, each day to grow. I want to expand from the person I am into something more. It is easy to be threatened by another’s way of life, or person, or strength…but what if you just changed your perspective on it all, and decided, “I want you to teach me.” That is something I try to purposefully do, because if I am not growing, I’m dying. That is what I’ve come to understand about who I am, if I do not grow, I begin to shrink, and the last thing I want in this life is to die before I ever die.

These are the thoughts that have enveloped me over the past several days. We are not autonomous human beings and I will not pretend that I possess everything I need without the help and beautiful impact of other people. Don’t be threatened, be challenged. Love and be loved.