Happy 2017 from the Ecuador

We definitely experienced a New Year unlike any before. The streets in our neighborhood were packed, food vendors were set up everywhere, people walking around in costumes, firecrackers going off everywhere.


The “viudas” (widows of the old year) which I mentioned (men cross-dressing begging for money) were ever few blocks putting on a show for the onlookers.



There was music everywhere and at one point we went back to the apartment where the kids decided to dress up as well. I walked around with 2 bottles of champaign and a bottle of sparkling juice for the kids in my purse:) We also brought along our ano viejo (the dummy) for when it struck midnight.



When it did finally strike midnight, they took down the big el diablo head and set him on fire and everyone threw their dummies in as well.


The sky lit up with fireworks, floating lanterns, firecrackers, and the many burning ano viejos. It was a New Years to remember.

Here is our exit, and Henry was not cool with leaving the party.



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