New Years Eve From Ecuador!

Happy New Year all! We spent this New Years Eve day down in Centro Historic with a cousin of mine from the States who is visiting here with her husband and friend. We had some good food, saw some old churches, and got to know each other a bit, it was a great time!


As promised I have some more photos of how New Years is spent here. Men are dressing up as women “viudas” (widows) who┬áwon’t let you go until you give them money haha, which is all in fun and they really only get a few cents.


Grant was taken over by one and it was quite humorous to watch.


Videos dancing in the street

The dummies are all over the place and we picked up one on the way home.

The kids picked out the body and the mask. In Naomi’s words “let’s call him dead Bob.”


Dead Bob

I will update with a photo of us burning already dead Bob. Happy New Year to you all!

Here is a video of the Viudas in our neighborhood.

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