Christmas Eve On the Equator

Merry Christmas to all! I will keep this short, yesterday I was wiped and just ran out of time to post, lo siento! Yesterday we went to Parque El Ejido downtown to get a few things at the open market there. I want to go back and just shop for myself! So many beautiful pieces of jewelry, scarves, art work etc etc. After that we returned to the shawarma restaurant we had visited with our friends (I mentioned in prior post). It was delicious! (The kids had been begging to return, and hey it’s Christmas so ok:)


Zoey is in her element.

After we walked through Parque Carolina and headed home on the trole bus and then I spent hours wrapping…I always forget how time consuming that is.


This is muy tipico around here, emoji pillows! All knock offs, and as you can see that car is packed. And somehow Naomi is riding this bandwagon and will be receiving several pillows for Christmas.

Today we were suppose to have Indian for dinner, which is our tradition for Christmas Eve, but it became a busy busy day and we settled for pizza in our neighborhood, which was still good.


Now, I am enjoying a coffee liquor which as you can see is dressed up in traditional Otovalo clothing, haha, it’s really good! 


Zoey is now wearing the coffee liquor’s hat, and Naomi decided to also be fancy.


Henry in his new Christmas pjs, Star Wars all the way!


Lola is busy making cookies for Grant’s Christmas gift

So this is our Christmas Eve so far, and hopefully we can watch It’s a Wonderful Life, which is another Christmas Eve traditional…computer hacking skills, yet to be determined.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas!

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