Off to the Countryside!

We were invited to the country by some friends, and it was like something out of a storybook honestly. Our friend Ale and her mother invited us to her grandparent’s home. The property was amazing, their home was beautiful, and it was bordered by a lovely avocado grove. (I was asked to bring a salad, which I did and also brought a not so ripe avocado lol. I went to prepare the salad and found my sad avocado replaced by one of their own haha.) The property had been in their family for several generations. There were large boulders that had been there for at least a thousand years I believe, brought by one of the volcano Cotopaxi’s eruptions. We were told that at one point there used to be a massive boulder that was part of the house. When they had originally built it, they built around the boulder, so it was half inside and outside their home, but from more recent renovations, it was removed.


It was the most idyllic day, the kids ran around with Ale’s younger sister, playing in the avocado grove. We sat under the wooden pergola and had chicken, potaoes, salad, and fresh Andean corn for lunch. After we cleaned up, we took a walk around the property, had fresh picked apples and were told the history of their land, then we came back, smelled some Cedron leaves, picked mandarines off the tree, and fullsizerender-51looked at other parts of the property. We were then served a delicious cake with espumilla for the frosting (which is a meringue cream and muy delicioso) and Ale’s sweet grandparents served us coffee.


The day was warm and sunny and then while we drank our coffee a boisterous storm rolled in. We retired inside for a bit and then said our goodbyes. It was such a lovely memory. I can’t thank Ale’s family enough for their continued generosity and welcoming spirit.

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