The Charm of Gratis

I am very happy that in all of this lack of connection to the outside world, I had previously downloaded free books to my ibooks and kindle apps. I started reading Pride and Prejudice to the girls at night. Zoey somehow became attracted to that book some years back, saw the movies, read the abridged version and now I am reading them the full version. They love it, they hunker down like they are watching a movie, the tree is aglow with the soft white christmas lights, all the overhead lights are turned out, they have their pjs on, drinking tea one night, popcorn the next, and listen to the story unfold. And mind you, the language is not modern, Zoey seems to understand it pretty well, she loves reading old books already, and so has acclimated herself to a lot of the language. She laughs at all the right places, so I know she comprehends it. I usually have to give a summation at certain points to make sure the other kids understand. I think it is good to challenge them to understand something that seems difficult, their minds will expand to meet it I think.


We had an amazing time with some friends the other day, which I will try and delve into tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in, read books, they’re good for the brain;)

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