Stuck, Sick, y Sin Internet

We have been without internet for over a week now. What do you do when you have no access to internet, emails, netflix, blogs, etc., etc.? We also don’t have a t.v. and I don’t have data on my phone and can only text and call people here in Ecuador. Very cut off is the feeling.

On┬átop of not being able to contact anybody, the kids have been sick with the stomach bug this week, so we have been stuck indoors as well. The perfect time to veg out in front of the t.v. lol and we can’t. We have gotten through one week and have managed alright. The kids have become avid chess players. Lola even got her clothes ready one night for the following morning so she could wake up early and challenge Naomi.


This was our week;)

Grant has been working on music, I finally finished Anna Karenina and now am reading some DH Lawrence. We were able to get out to the park today, and were visited by some of our friends yesterday. Tomorrow we will be venturing off with them for a family outing in the country. With the absence of sickness we are finally able to actually occupy ourselves outside the home, which is a welcome relief.

It definitely has challenged us to think about how we prioritize our time. How much time we waste looking up inane things on the internet or browsing apps for undetermined amounts of time. I grew up loving to read and definitely fell out of the habit after having kids. I certainly have the time to do it, but like everything else, I need to carve it out of my day and stop using my time so purposelessly.

*As you can probably guess, we now have internet again! Just this morning we were suddenly inundated with emails, messages, etc. Well the world continued to go on and some of our dearest friends had a baby, congratulations Paul and Carly!!

I wish you all well, see you tomorrow:)

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