Up, Up, Up to the Mountains Again

Today, we decided to show my mom the beautiful views from the top of Teleferiqo’.  We had visited the mountains a couple months before and were won over by la vista (the view). We had to take a bus downtown and then taxi up to the tram.

This occasion was a bit different from our experience of it. When we had gone, the skies were clear, and it was a sunny, beautiful day.


Our visit to Teleferiqo a couple months ago


It was a beautiful day

This day felt like, as my mom put it, being in the film “Brigadoon.”


catching mom in a moment today

The surroundings were enchanting in a completely different way. Everywhere we looked, we were encompassed by clouds.


Grant taking portraits of the kids

There was barely a view to be seen because everything was covered in a heavy white mist.


Naomi and Henry


It felt cool on our skin, and was not the same experience whatsoever, but I’m kind of happy that it was so different, even if she couldn’t see what we had seen the first time. Going to the same place and being shown another side of its beauty, was not only breathtaking, but it helped me to appreciate, even more, the unexpected.


Their descent from a misty climb

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