Don’t Fear the Unknown or the Unexpected

My mom flew into town the other day and this is her first time in South America. So, we decided light up the town with her and take her down to Centro Historico.


Mom with the kids in Plaza Grande (Centro Historico)

We visited several incredible churches, drank some fresh squeezed juices, some delicious cappuccinos at Galletti’s and then finally decided to make our way to Parque Carolina, where they were selling Christmas trees.


Lola in one the many incredibly beautiful churches

So… we headed to the bus station, paid our bus fair, and waited for the bus to come. Lo and behold, it came, and it was very crowded and as quickly as I got on, the doors closed behind me, without anyone else. Grant, mom and the kids could not get on. I looked back and everyone’s eyebrows were raised. Grant of course just had a comical smirk on his face. I had not been on this bus line before, and had only been to Parque Carolina once, and wasn’t even sure if this bus was headed that way. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t nervous, but I do like to know where I’m going. I pulled out my phone to use my app (offline maps app) and for some reason my phone shut down and stopped working for about 5 minutes. That’s when you ask friendly strangers for directions. Anyway, eventually I got off, walked several blocks and found myself exactly where I needed to be. And soon after, my family found their way to me.

I haggled a bit, paid for the tree, a taxi driver picked us up. He stuffed the tree into the trunk of his car (which did not close), and he and the kids nervously looked back to see if the tree was falling out about every 5 minutes, but we made it home all right.

Got home. Great. We decided that we wanted to have a nice glass of wine. Mom and I walked to the liquor store nearby but they only had boxed wine, that’s fine, it was still good. I had planned a delicious pressure-cooked pork meal. I went to the butcher, picked out my was frozen. No problem, I have worked with frozen pork before.

We get home. Grant and kids are decorating the tree, “beautiful!” I promised the kids that I would make hot cocoa like every year.


the kids drawing underneath our new tree with handcrafted crayons we bought in Centro Historic

I get busy cooking away and notice that the flames on the stove are sputtering…and quickly realize, we are out of gas! So warm cocoa and no dinner, haha. That’s ok! Our neighborhood just got a new “Ka Efay Say” down the road …. “KFC” lol. We had a lot of funny hiccups today. On our way back from KFC, Zoey and I bought Guaba which we hadn’t tried yet but had talked about getting recently. Shortly after dinner, I pulled out the guaba and we all tried it. It was one of the most interesting/amazing things I’ve every had. It is a fruit that looks like a giant pea pod (roughly 1/2 meter-1 meter in length). I pried it open and it was lined like a pea pod is, but with these large, white, fuzzy looking seeds. The white fuzzy part was was you eat and the center was a very shiny black seed that my mom thought looked like river rocks. The consistency was like cotton and it was mild, sweet, and really good. It reminded me of that scene in Elf when Buddy is eating the cotton balls at the Dr.’s office. It is so strange and it feels like you are fulfilling some childhood fantasy in eating it. Anyway, this day was filled with so much goodness, I’m very grateful for the chance to try new things and to not fear the unknown or unexpected, it makes life more interesting. Don’t stress over the small stuff, view the unexpected roads as challenges to live a bit differently.

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