The Value of Simplicity

A continuation to yesterday’s post Beauty and Sadness.

After our lovely tour through Jardin Botanico De Quito (botanical gardens) and our delicious lunch and meeting the Syrian father, our friends Ale and Adolfo invited us back to her house. We stopped by a bakery, picked up some delicious breads and a chocolate mousse cake and headed over. Her house is a bit outside Quito. It was a lovely home, with plants and art work everywhere and a nice outdoor area where we sat at a picnic table and drank the delicious espressos that Ale made us. The kids ran upstairs with her sister who happens to be Zoey’s age and for the rest of the night the kids ran all over their house and yard, it was great.

We met her mom and step dad who are both involved in Nature Conservancy . They were such beautiful and kind people. After singing Ale “Happy Birthday” (Happy Birthday Ale!) we sat inside drinking tea and discussing books, philosophy, biology, anthropology, evolution, comic books, the Simpsons, Star Wars, everything…it was amazing and one of our favorite days honestly. It was a mixture of so much. The kids had an amazing time, we had and amazing time, I can’t ever express the value of being around such great people and being able to participate more in the culture here. It was such a simple, full, and enriching day. Nothing crazy happened, nothing completely unexpected, it was in the simplicity that we were able to enjoy to such fullness the beauty of all those experiences.

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