Beauty and Sadness

We hopped on the “Trole Bus” this afternoon and headed downtown to Carolina Park (Parque Carolina) to visit the botanical gardens with some friends. There was a special native frog exhibit which the kids loved.


Bouquet of Frogs

The day was sunny and warm and lovely. The gardens housed a multitude of beautiful orchids. The colors were so vibrant. Being able to get out and experience something like that was just what we needed.


We then decided to go get a bite to eat. The street that Parque Carolina is on is known for shwarma! It was so good, and we were surrounded by hookahs/argilehs or whatever you may want to call them, it was a nice feeling, I missed it. While we were eating, the owner walked over to our table and crouched down next to Henry. He asked him his name and showed him a picture of his son who was the same age. Henry reminded him of his own son. He was from Syria and came here a couple of years ago and has been trying to get his family here as well. As of now, they are right outside of Aleppo. His home was destroyed. I can’t even imagine… I just expressed to him how I hope he is able to see his family again.

We were on our way out, and he went over to Henry and picked him up and held him and gave him a kiss….you could see and feel the pain. While holding Henry you could see how much he wished it was his own son he was holding.


This was a day of many perspectives. We were able to observe and enjoy the beauty of nature, and also given a lens to see the suffering of so many right now. Keep your hearts and minds open to the complexity and variance of life. Be filled by the beauty all around. Be impacted other’s stories.

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