Beginning to Begin

I was watching an interview with Remit Sethi this morning. I didn’t know who he was before this interview, but he is a successful entrepreneur. One important token of advice that he imparted was, when you really want to be begin something but have a difficult time even attempting the goal, go small. Make your goals achievable in the beginning. Grant had heard this same advice a while back from someone else, I can’t remember. I think it is so wise and simple. I think a lot of us have bigger goals/dreams but can’t seem to take the smaller simple steps to actually achieving them. I had a tendency of overdoing it, I will decide to work out and just go at it intensely until I’m burnt out and then don’t attempt it for another 6 months or so. I have a difficult time finding the discipline to pace myself.

Why am I talking about this? I want the people I love most to succeed at what they feel compelled toward. These simple concepts are almost so simple and obvious that we overlook them in search of something more interesting. Our minds overlook them. Being able to work at something every day and truly discipline ourselves is an incredibly valuable tool, because that mentality begins to carry over into other aspects of our lives. If you want to be a writer, write a word, a sentence every day. If you want to get into shape, do one pushup a day, just to implement the routine. Make it so simple where it is almost silly not to do it. I am able to blog everyday. I knew I could, because I already write every single day, some days I write a a lot, and most days I write a paragraph, but I keep the practice because it is the only way I can become better. I cringe when I read what I’ve written haha, but honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s bad, I still feel that I accomplished what I set out to.

It may seem stupid to write one sentence, or whatever it is you want to do, but you begin challenging yourself a little more every so often. This is where you then begin to actually see yourself on the path to the thing you wanted.

I’ve been challenging myself recently to learn something each day, and a lot of these days I digest the thing I’ve watched/listened/read and share it here. It has a lot to do with our journey coming here, and where we go from here. So I hope it reaches you well and it makes sense. 😉

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