Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Yesterday we were at the orphanage and met an Ecuadorian pre-med student who started volunteering there recently. She, among many others, warned us about the dangers, thefts, etc of living here. We’ve never had a problem. The gringo-tax is about all I’ve had to deal with.

While walking to the bus I even mentioned that to Grant. “Everyone is always telling us this is dangerous and that, yadda yadda yadda, but we’ve never dealt with it.” I almost felt in that instant that I cursed myself for my naivety.

The bus came around, and sometimes the max capacity for riders is about 10x capacity, and we are all literally squished in between people and can’t move. This was the case last night.
We hopped off our 5 minute bus ride and walked home. All was fine.

Fast Forward to today. “Grant I need to go to the store to get some essentials, like toothpaste and soap.” I picked up my purse—>


nice sized gash on the side of my purse:(

So apparently while on that very crowded bus ride the night before, someone noticed I was distracted and saw an opportune moment. Thankfully all they probably got was a handful of old receipts and tissues that the kids were using that day haha. Sorry Charlie.

I’ve made the best of it though….gave it a makeover and made it look like Frankenstein’s monster. It is my battle scar haha.

Lesson as a traveler or human being: don’t be naive, be aware.


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