Alfred Hitchcock Nights

This is a tradition that started a couple of months ago, after one of our dear friends posted a link to We don’t have cable or even a t.v. for that matter, we have our laptops and borrowed Netflix. Every Sunday night we pull out our mattresses, pillows, and blankets and whichever snack we’ve decided on and watch one of the many free Hitchcock films available. We found another site that has one of my favorites “Rebeccca.”

Growing up, I always loved watching classic films, t.v. shows, books etc. I just like old things I suppose!  I want our “movie night” to have some sort of cultural value, even if it is to give a differing perspective from what is the norm today, or where the art of film even began. I am not romantic enough to think that the old ways were the best ways but I definitely see a value in understanding where things came from and the perspective that it can give us today.

I want the kids to appreciate the differences in art/film/culture/life and not just the flashy/fast paced things that seem to draw our attention (they have their place, but not always).

It won’t always be Hitchcock and if anyone has suggestions for us, please send them my way!

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