Shopping in South America

I have a very love/hate relationship with shopping here. Import taxes must be insanely high for the prices to be as costly as they are. All natural, home grown, and homemade products are great and very cheap. Anything that is imported, electronic, or just commercial in any way…forget about it.

We went on a walk to the park near our home, picked some wonderfully smelling lavender, watched skateboarders and bikers flipping off of quarter pipes, etc etc. It was a very nice afternoon. Then I decided to bring the girls with me to  “Christmas Town” which they so lovingly named. We noticed it coming back on the bus from the orphanage several times and finally decided to see what it was about. Very cutesy and fun for the girls, but the price tag on the cheapest stuff!? I was getting annoyed, because I was trying to bargain for a string of lights that was quoted at $12 for a tiny set, and looked like a complete fire hazard. There were burn marks on the bottom of many of the bulbs…”no gracias.” We did find some cool handmade-looking wrapping paper for $1/roll and some cheaper ornaments. The cheapest little artificial trees were just stupid expensive as well, so I passed on those. I walked away feeling semi annoyed. I was happy we got some stuff but just peeved at the knowledge of what it would cost me in the States.


Christmas Shopping with the girls

Fast forward 5 minutes. We walked home and the flower man with his truck full of flowers was on the side of the road. We stopped and bought 3 bouquets of roses, purple, light pink, and red and were even gifted 2 of the most fragrant and beautiful white roses.

3 of the most beautiful bouquets for $3.


Yes, electronics may be cheaper in the States, but being able to bring natural beauty into my home for almost nothing at all, definitely changed my perspective on things this day.


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