Keep Smilin’

I don’t know how many people have heard of “Creative Live” by Chase Jarvis. I have mentioned it a couple times in my blog posts but he has a “30 Days of Genius” series from this past Spring that is free to watch on youtube. Anyway, I watched the episode with Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) this morning, which was enlightening. He is a highly successful man, who has taken so many risks in life, sometimes life threatening, and he seems like a very warm and happy person. One of about a thousand things you could learn from him, is enjoy the process, enjoy life. This is something that is reiterated by so many various successful people, enjoy the process, you never get to the end and what seems like the end of your goal doesn’t hold a pot of gold. Even when the process of what you are doing seems risky or scary or vulnerable, try to breathe and take a moment, appreciate and enjoy what you are doing, even if it is as simple as learning something new that day. That is what I want take to heart, to enjoy the process, the day, and the simple things on our journey.

One thought on “Keep Smilin’

  1. It is easy to get lost amidst the never-ending to-do list of being a stay-at-home parent and home-owner. I’m going to enjoy accomplishing chores every day this week…I’ll remember to throw on some tunes or a podcast and dance a bit with the kiddos while cleaning and jam out while making dinner or folding the never-ending laundry 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the process Hannah! I’m sure I’ll be a more pleasant person to be around come the end of the week! Love you sis.

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